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Working with our manufacturers we have produced a rigid, lightweight, stiff cord that utilises the strength of UHMWPE (the raw material of AmSteel®-Blue) and has the protection of a tightly woven outer sheath that has reflective capabilities. 

Diameter: 1.5mm
Weight: under 1.7 grams a meter
Inner Material: UHMWPE loose woven core. 
Outer Material: 16 strand Polyester, tightly woven sheath incorporating two, one-strand reflective tracers.
Breaking strength: 180kgs

This pre-stretched cord combines strength and visibility while remaining lightweight. The stiffly woven sheath ideal for Ridgelines, Guylines, general use and has superb knot holding capabilities. The cord comes in Yellow and Black, both reflective. However, it does not work for Ridgelines when partnering with Dutch Fleaz/Wasp etc. For this combination, we suggest using unsheathed hollow braid like Henge-it or Zing-it! 


Price per 5 metres. Multiples are sent as one length unless you specify differently.

1.5mm UHMWPE Reflective Wire Cord (5m)

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