Becket Straps are constructed from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fibres, the same as Dyneema. You have the choice of either four or five meters in length.


25mm width and a thickness of 0.7mm Dynaweb is an ultralight, durable suspension option weighing only 11g per meter but still has an impressive overall tensile strength of 1360kgs. In addition, Dynaweb is pre-stretched and UV-resistant. Finally, the UHMwPE fibres make this webbing perfect for tying the most common hitches used in Hammock suspensions like the Lapp knot or Becket hitch. 


Please note that suspension hardware, like buckles, have unsatisfactory results with UHMwPE. Therefore, these Becket Straps are a perfect partner to our Universal Loops, which are also available on this site for a lightweight, simple suspension system.


Check out Jeff Myers's YouTube videos for suggested Becket Strap hitches.

Becket Straps (pair) - UHMwPE