"NOW comes in 2 sizes! The original device will hang your pack on a tree so it stays off the ground and is accessible.  It is 6-foot long Zing-it and has a locked Brummel on one end and a Titanium Dutch Hook on the other.  It is completely adjustable and will fit almost and size tree. Weighs just 3.8 grams


Big Big Carl Pack Hanger

This can be used as a suspension extension. It is 6 foot long 7/64 Amsteel and has a locked Brummel on the one end and a Titanium Whoopie Hook on the other.  It is completely adjustable. Weighs 14 grams."


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team.


If you do not like Yellow, you can also choose either Red, Grey or Orange. Just send us a message.

Big Carl Pack Hanger