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If you want the ability to adjust the length of your hammock's Structural Ridgeline, look no further.


Slip the fixed spliced loops over the gathered ends of your hammock. Adjust the length by pulling on the loose end and locking it into place by moving the knot away and stretching the bury section.


We stock them in Silver 1.75mm Lash-it! However, you can also choose any custom colour combination from Yellow, Silver, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, and Black. The Adjustable Structural Ridgeline has two lengths: long and short. Leave your colour selection(s) in the text box.


When extended fully, it measures approximately 3.1m. Applying the 82% guidelines, it can used with hammocks measuring up to 12ft 6in/3.8m. The ASRL can be reduced to 2ft 4in/0.7m.  We also sell Fixed Structural RidgeLines if you know the length you require.

Adjustable Structural RidgeLine

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