This premium guyline is self-tensioning. It comprises of 1.8m approximate length of Yellow Zing-it!, Hookworm and a shockcord loop. Each guyline has a locked Brummel loop while the other end has been 'back' spliced and has an overhand knot tied so the Ringkworm cannot slip off.


To set up, larkshead the shockcord loop to your Tarp. Take the guyline and attached the locked Brummel loop to your peg (you can leave it permanently attached). Run the other end of the guyline, holding ringworm, up to the shockcord loop. Hook-on and tie off the guyline.


Watch Dutch's Ringworm Demonstration Video.


You have the option of buying the Ringworm separately elsewhere on this website.

Guy Line - Ringworm set up