"The Half-Zipped Hammock is a basic 11ft netted hammock with some upgraded features. One side of the bugnet is sewn to the hammock body and the other side has a separating zipper. The separating zipper allows you to roll up the bugnet on the sewn side and keep it in place with small toggles. This allows you to use your hammock in netless mode. There are multiple tieout points (removable/adjustable tieouts included), multiple packhooks for quilt attachment as well as accessory D-rings for peak lofts, storage pockets etc."


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team. 


This Hammock is made in Hexon 1.6 and comes in Dark Olive or Coyote Brown in colour. Dutch has given this a 350 pound weight rating.

Half-Zipped Hammock