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"This extraordinary hammock accessory keeps your underquilt warm and shielded from the elements. Acting as an impenetrable barrier, the underquilt protector effectively blocks water vapor, allowing it to condense on the protector's exterior surface rather than permeating your underquilt. This indispensable feature safeguards your underquilt from moisture, preserving its pristine condition throughout your camping escapades. Moreover, the underquilt's wind-resistant properties fortify its ability to retain heat that would otherwise be whisked away by the gusts of wind. Take control of your comfort with the Camo Printed Hammock Underquilt Protector."


Comes with a stuff sack.


Hammock Underquilt Protector Camo Printed

  • Size: 85"*53"
    Package Size: 2.8"*6"
    Weight: 180g/6.35oz

    1.1oz (20D) Ripstop Nylon Fabric

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