These are pocket-friendly Entry-Level Tree Huggers and Straps ideal for hangers that are trialling different suspension options, ideal for the Marlin Spike and Toggle method. Made from non-stretch Polyester webbing that is 25mm wide, 0.5mm thick in Olive Drab Green, professionally tested with an impressive tensile strength of 680kgs.


If using with hardware, like Cinch Buckles, you must ensure the webbing is seated central and square inside the device. If not, this can cause the strap to slip and fail. If you intend to use with hardware permanently, we recommend choosing our Premium Tree Huggers and Straps for longevity.


Tree Straps have a loop at one end, and Tree Huggers have loops at both ends. The Tree Straps are the indicated length, and by choosing Huggers, it shortens that length by approximately 15cm. Loops are stitched with a 'crossed box' and 'wide bar' stitches that have been individually over-stitched for extra strength and peace of mind. All sewn with extra strong rot-proof thread for extra security and of course sewn here at Henge Hammocks.

Tree Straps & Huggers (Entry-Level - pair)

Colour: Green