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Henge-it! is a 12-strand, 1.6mm spliceable hollow braid. During the manufacturing process, Henge-it! is pre-stretched and coated the latest protective coating making it 15% more abrasion-resistant than other market leaders. 

Weight per metre: 1.73 grams
Colour: Olive Drab Green 
Thickness: 1.6mm
Material: UHMWPE
Minimum Breaking Strength: 350kg


Henge-it! fits all the usual Titanium bling, hardware and widgets associated with this smaller diameter rope. Excellent for splicing Tarp RidgeLines, Structural Hammock RidgeLines, Mini Continuous Loops, Mini Soft Shackles and similar accessories.


Multiples are sent as one length unless you specify differently. Price per 5 metres. Please note that once cut and off the reel, hollow braid cordage can retract and become slightly shorter during transit.

Henge-it! - 1.6mm cord (5m)

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