"Hexon 1.6 (now made with Nylon 66) is an incredible hammock fabric that is made exclusively for Dutchware. This fabric is rated for 350 pounds and has one of the best weight rating for this weight of fabric. It has a special ripstop grid that reduces stretch and adds incredible strength. It also has an incredible feel, soft like cotton and not plastic-like at all. It comes in at 1.6 ounce per sq yard and is 60 inches wide."


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team. Currently, we are only carrying this colour and weight in stock. If the demand is there, we will revise these options. Sold by the yard, (0.91m) and comes to you in one continuous length, cut and folded.


Example, if you ordered 5 units of Hexon 1.6 fabric, you would receive one piece that is 5 yards long, by 60 inches wide.

Hexon 1.6

  • "It comes in at 1.6 ounce per sq yard and is 60 inches wide. It comes in Burnt Orange, Coyote Brown, Dark Olive, Olive Green, Black, Brilliant Blue, Purple, Forest Green, Moroccan Blue, Brick Red, Woodland Camo and Charcoal Grey.

    *All Specs are estimates and may vary from color to color and batch to batch."



    • Width 60-62″
    • Weight per sq yard 1.6-1.7 sq ounces,
    • Denier 40
    • Coating Uncoated
    • Finish n/a
    • Common uses Hammocks
    • Sold by the yard


    • Dark Olive / 3644