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"One of the standout features of our tree hammock is the double-layer hammock bed. Made from high-quality, durable and breathable 1.7oz 40D nylon ripstop fabric, the double-layer design offers superior comfort and durability. The open pocket in the hammock bed is designed to hold a foam or inflatable pad, providing additional insulation against freezing temperatures and bug protection. It can accommodate most standard sleeping pads measuring up to 55" in width and 100" in length. The supportive and comfortable sleeping area conforms to your body, ensuring a perfect night's sleep under the stars."

Northers 11' Zipper Double-Layer Hammock

  • Packing Size: Φ5.9"*11" (Φ15cm*28cm)
    Total Weight: 2.8LBS /1.29kg (including Tree Straps, Cinch Buckles, Ridgeline, Sack) Hammock Bed Material: 1.7oz, 40D Ripstop Nylon FabricBugnet Material: Polyester Mesh

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