We have spliced Tarp Flyz onto Zing-it! or Lash-it! to make a set of Ridge Ties, a two-piece Ridgeline. Each Tie has a locked Brummel loop on one end to larkshead to your tarp and back spliced the other end so the Flyz cannot slip off. The finished length of each Ridge Tie is 3.6 meters (12ft), sold in pairs.


The wording below is straight from Dutch and his team:


"Tarp Flyz – A truly unique device developed to connect your tarp to a tree with thin 1.75mm hollow braid line. Made from titanium, Dutch Flyz are the smallest, strongest, and fastest way to tie off to a tree without actually tying and untying a knot, even when wearing mittens. Designed for the most weight conscious hiker Dutch Flyz weigh only 2 grams.


They can be moved easily to any part of your ridgeline and quickly locked into position. Their unique design will hold in the windiest condition and never need a backup knot."


We sell the Flyz separately if you wish to make your custom Ridgeline. Of course, we can also splice these onto any length, just send us a message. 

Ridge Ties -Tarp Flyz