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"We’re happy to introduce the ThunderFly as one of our newest tarp designs. This tarp is built for those that want the simplicity and convenience of a standard hex tarp but with extra end-coverage when the weather gets nasty.


We’ve taken the standard hex tarp and given it major end-coverage that can be deployed as needed by adding a split-beak (small doors) to the ends that can be clipped together and deployed with a single guyline to add a significant amount of end protection right where you need it (higher up near the ends of the hammock where a standard hex shape offers the least coverage).


When the weather is nice these small doors simply stay clipped back and out of the way until you need to deploy them. Once deployed, they protect the hammock from windblown rain coming in from the ends of the tarp.


Looking for something slightly lighter/smaller? Check out our MiniFly tarp model, it’s a slightly downsized version of the ThunderFly and will save you a couple oz while still offering great coverage"


The above wording is straight from Brandon, and his team at Warbonnet Outdoors. 


 View the full product details on the Warbonnet Outdoor website.

Thunderfly Tarp

  • Ridgeline length: 11ft

    Tarp Fabrics: 20D Silpoly

    Tarp Colour: As per listed options

    Panel Pulls: Without

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