We start with ten, or fifteen metres of Henge-it! and then add a Tac Toggle and Cord Pull to each end. These additions enable you to tighten and lock off the Ridgeline to your chosen anchor points. This setup is a simple and easy solution to use with the Tac Toggle giving you a 3:1 mechanical advantage to tighten it. 


In the middle of the Ridgeline, two NAMA claws to attach and tension your Tarp. All finished off with tidy 'back splices' to stop the Henge it! from fraying (this shortens the RL slightly). Another popular choice is to have a Dutch Hook spliced on in place of one of the Tac Toggles. Both options come in two lengths, standard or long lengths.


Many thanks to Jeff Myers for the design and here is one of his YouTube videos, explaining how to use the Tac Toggles.

Tac Toggle and Claws Ridgeline