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From Dutch: MYG designed this webbing, and it is specially made for us. This is a 1-inch UHMWPE and polypropylene mixed webbing, which gives it a cool look. Unlike Kevlar webbing, we've designed this webbing to be a lighter-weight alternative to regular polyester but still work with buckles.


This is a great middle-ground when it comes to webbings. The key features of this webbing are that it weighs less than polyester, has shallow stretch, and works perfectly with Beetle Buckles, spiders and Dutch Buckles.


We find these webbing partners best with Beetle Buckles, as the set-up has to be perfectly straight to work with Cinch Buckles.


Multiples are sent as one length unless you specify differently.

Spider/Poly Webbing (25ft)

  • *All Specs are estimates and may vary from colour to colour and batch to batch.

    • Dimensions 1″ wide
    • Weight 5.3g per foot
    • Materials UHMWPE /Polypropelene
    • Common Uses tree straps, tree huggers
  • To prevent slippage, ensure;

    1. The webbing enters and exits any hardware straight.

    2. Ensure any hardware has been set perpendicular to the hammock body.

    3. Splice Cinch Buckles onto Continous Loops. 

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