Alloy 3-Holed Guy Line Tensioners (sold in fours) are great pieces of hardware that excel when anchoring ridgelines, guy lines etc. You can tighten lines using these with a 3:1 mechanical advantage and once lines are tied off they are still easy to adjust. Many uses and instructions can be found via the internet, The Ultimate Hang, YouTube, Hammock Forums etc. 


Very versatile, having many uses out and about without the need to remember a book full of knots. 


It is recommended that these are NOT used for suspending your hammock. We also sell a Heavy Duty Steel version better rated for Hammock Suspension.


Length: 51mm

Width: 37mm

Depth: 2.8mm

Weight: 5.2 grams each

The diameter of holes: 5, 8, and 18mm

Colour: Red

Alloy 3-Holed Line Tensioners (four)