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The original premium ultra-lightweight hollow braid cord.


"AmSteel®Blue is a torque-free, 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel—yet it floats. AmSteel®Blue is an excellent wire rope replacement with extremely low stretch and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance."


This cord has an average strength of 2500lbs (1100kg) and a minimum strength of 2300lbs (1000kg.) Available in the colours; Black and Silver.


Choice of two lengths:


Twenty-five feet, cut it in half, and you are ready to make your own standard size Whoopie Slings or five meters in length for a more general purpose. 


Multiples are sent as one length unless you specify differently.

1/8” AmSteel®-Blue (25ft or 5m)

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