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"Introducing the Banyan Bridge Hammock! Created from the influence of our very own Chameleon Hammock. The Banyan is a modular bridge hammock that adapts as you hike through the seasons. It can be netless, netted, or have a top cover. We incorporated two ridgelines which gives you a spacious feel on the inside as well as insuring you have a consistent hang every time."


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team. 


This Banyan Bridge Hammock complete includes:


- Banyan Bridge Hammock Body - in Hexon 1.6 (choice of colours).

- Banyan Bridge Bugnet.

- Fitted with 2 – 117″ ridgelines (including dog bones).

- Ti-Bridge Bones, 4 – Ti-Bridge hammock ends.

- All fitted inside a double-ended stuff sack.

- Head and foot end poles and pole sack.


Additional information can be found on the Dutchware website.

Banyan Bridge Hammock Complete

  • Weight Limit – 250lbs
    Maximum Height – 6’3″
    Dimensions – 80″L, 38″W (head end), 28″W (foot end)
    Fabric – Hexon 1.6, Spring/Summer 2022: with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO – an environmentally friendly, non-halogenated, APEO-free, fluorine-free water repellency formulation.

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