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"Designed specifically to work with the Banyan Bridge hammock, this UQP will help keep your underquilt clean and retain warmth in your underquilt on windy and/or rainy days. The UQP’s are made with DutchWare Argon 90 fabrics. This protector comes in its own mesh stuff sack.


Installation Suggestions:


  • Hang hammock and underquilt
  • Attach the loops on the 4 corners of the UQP to the hammock suspension near the spreader bar poles.
  • While laying in the hammock, determine if the bottom of the UQP is too tight or loose to the bottom of the underquilt. Adjust the shockcord appropriately so the UQP hangs evenly across the length of the underquilt.
  • Cinch the side adjusters to raise the sides of the UQP to the desired tension."


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team.

Banyan UnderQuilt Protector

    • Weight: 138 grams
    • Argon 90 fabrics
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