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Our Becket Straps are sewn using Dynaweave webbing. This webbing is ultra-lightweight but incredibly strong, low-stretch with UV-resistant built-in. The UHMWPE fibre has the highest weight-strength-to-weight ratio of any synthetic fibre. It results in a much thinner, more compact webbing weighing a little more than a quarter of the weight of our premium webbing. 


Dynaweave bunches up, becoming "rope-like", making it perfect for tying hammock suspension hitches like the Becket, Marlinspike, J-bend, and Lapp knot, yet it is easy to smooth back out where you need it to contact the tree. An ultralight webbing that acts like both rope and custom webbing straps, the best of both worlds.


Not recommended for use with hardware like buckles. Need a different length? Message us your requirements. We also sell the webbing by the metre via a different advert.

Becket Straps (pair)

  • Width: 25mm

    Thickness: 0.6mm

    Weighs: 6.7grams per metre

    Average breaking strength: 1000kg

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