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The Onewind Modular Hammock Tarp Rainfly system packs everything you need to keep your hammock easy to set up with accessories into a pouch, the fly tarp can be made into different versions that suit four seasons.


This hammock rain fly gives large coverage to help more thoroughly offer shelter from the rain, sleet, snow, or whatever weather and can be used as a fly tent too.


Onewind tarps are also designed for sun shield in summer, wind, storm, and snow in winter.


Please note the above wording is lifted from Onewind's website.

Billow Ultralight Hammock Tarp Shelter 12'

  • Rain Fly Shape: Rectangular
    Rain Fly Size: 12' x 9.7' (3.66m*2.95m)
    Packed Size: Φ3.5"*11" (Φ9cm*28cm)
    Diagonal Setup Length: 15.4' (4.7m)
    Total Weight: 1.86lbs (845g, including Suspensions)
    Tarp Fabric Weight: 1.28lbs(580g)
    Suspension Weight: 0.53lbs (240g)
    Tarp Fabric Material: 1.1oz 20D Ripstop Nylon
    Tarp Fabric Coating:
    Silicone coating on the Face side
    PU 4000mm coating on Back Side
    Tie-outs: 11pcs
    Pullouts: 4pcs
    Support Onewind Tarp Bugnet: Yes

    Accessories: Light-Reflective Guylines - 10' *6pcs
    Aluminium Tent Stakes - 4pcs
    Guyline Collentioner Systems - 4pcs
    Aluminum Guyline Tensioner - 4pcs
    Aluminium Carabiner - 4pcs
    Suspension Stuff Sack - 1pc
    Double-End Tarp Sack  - 1pc

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