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CHRISTMAS OFFER - BUY THE HAMMOCK GET THE BUGNET FREE! nothing else for you to do, just buy this hammock, we'll add the Bugnet to your order.


The Onewind Brickfielder Hammock is a comfortable, versatile, and durable hammock made from a single-panel 40D 1.7oz Silnylon ripstop. Unlike traditional gathered-end hammocks, this hammock features a suspension bridge design that provides a more structured and open sleeping area off the ground.


This unique construction allows for a lighter weight and easier setup. The hammock's design also offers excellent comfort and support, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging in the backyard.


Overall, the Onewind Brickfielder Hammock is a high-quality and innovative option for hammock enthusiasts looking for a unique and functional design.


Please note the above wording is lifted from Onewind's website.

Bridge Hammock - Brickfielder

  • Total weight: 0.9kg/1.98lbs

             Hammock Bed: 285g/10oz

             Tree straps, carabiner, and whoopie sling: 185g/6.5oz

             Spread Bar: 340g/12oz

    Package Size: 45cm*9cm*9cm/18"*3.5"*3.5"

    Hammock bed Size: 

              Head end: 110cm/43.3"

              Length: 300cm/118"

    Spread Bar Length: 107cm/42"

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