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"Introducing the revolutionary Onewind Outdoors Dual-Fill Camping Pillow, designed to elevate your outdoor sleeping experience to new heights.


DUAL-FILL TECHNOLOGY:Our camping pillow boasts unparalleled versatility with its innovative dual-fill design. Featuring a TPU bladder for quick and effortless air inflation and a plush synthetic fill for luxurious softness, our pillow combines the lightweight portability of an inflatable camping pillow with the comforting feel of a traditional synthetic fill pillow. Wrapped in a stretchy knit fabric with a peach skin surface, this camp pillow offers the best of both worlds: lightweight portability and irresistibly soft comfort."


The above wording is from Onewind, more information is on their website.

Camping Pillow

  • Material:
    Shell:100% Polyester stretchy knit fabric with a peach skin surface
    Filling:100% Polyester Imitation Down with Warm and Comfortable Feel
    Inner Air Bag:100%Durable TPU

    Size: 34 x 22 x 10 cm/13.4"*8.7"*4"
    Weight: 120g /4.2oz

    Package Size:

    ● 1 × Ultralight Pillow
    ● 1 × Drawstring Carry Bag
    ● 2* Line locks wich Shock Cord

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