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"Don’t let a dropping thermometer keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Our vented top cover will go in place of the bugnet on the same zipper track. The fabric is our proprietorially-designed ARGON 90. It is breathable yet wind resistant. It will help keep your body heat in, creating a micro-climate inside your cocoon of warmth. The vent is designed to not only allow the moisture of your breath to exhaust, but also to give you a window into the world."


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team.


Colour is Woodland Camo. Comes with a mesh bag. This fits the WIDE and standard width Chameleon Hammocks.


NB This Chameleon accessory only works with the Dutchware Gear Chameleon Hammocks and not other makes/models.

Chameleon Asym Top Cover

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