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"Do you like to lay head right and feet left? Maybe sometimes head left and feet right? Well now you don’t have to decide and can freely switch directions in the middle of the night to suit your comfort. With the symmetrical bugnet it will give you the freedom to lay in the direction of your choice without having to remove your bugnet in order to adjust the lay direction. It will still provide all of the comfort and safety from those pesky bugs and it will include convenient easy to grasp sausage pulls on all eight zipper tabs..



Material – .9 Nano NoSeeUm Bugnetting"


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team. 


The Chameleon Symmetrical Bugnet fits both the WIDE and normal width Chameleon Hammocks.


NB This Chameleon accessory only works with the Dutchware Gear Chameleon Hammocks and not other makes/models.

Chameleon Symmetrical Bugnet

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