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"The Cloudburst is a large, all around 3-season tarp that can be paired with any of our hammock models. The CB is an 11’x10′ rectangle specially designed as a solid 3 season tarp for the Ridgerunner hammock, it’s panel pulls are spaced farther apart and lower to correspond to the spreader bars of the RR.


Unlike the MJ and Superfly, it features straight cut sides (the ridge seam still has the same very slight curve cut)."


The above wording is straight from Brandon, and his team at Warbonnet Outdoors. 

Cloudburst Tarp

  • Cloudburst:


    Ridgeline length: 11ft

    Tarp Fabric: 20D Silpoly

    Panel Pulls - included

    Middle Ground Tieouts - included

    Tarp Colour: As per options

     View the full product details on the Warbonnet Outdoor website.

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