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This Premium Ridgeline is made from top-quality materials, making it hardwearing, lightweight and simple to use.


We start with ten (standard) or fifteen (long) metres of Zing-it! We add a Dutch Hook to one end and 'back splice' the other end (which shortens the overall length slightly). To tension the Ridgeline, we add a Dutch Wasp. A pair of mini soft shackles in red 1.75mm Lash-it! are added to connect your Tarp.


Choose your Ridgeline diameter: 1.75mm or 2.2mm. The standard colours are a Yellow Ridgeline with Red 1.75mm Mini Soft Shackles. If you want custom colours, write this in the text box.


Note that the 2.2mm ridgeline option only comes in Yellow or Silver.

Premium Dutchware Hardware RidgeLine

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