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"Cord Winders are a great tool for storing tarp tieouts and other cordage. These plastic spools have a flexible cover, which folds open allowing easy access to wrap the rope around the core. They dispense quickly and easily to help you set up camp without frustration.


These work best with 1.75mm-2.2mm Zing-It! and Lash-It!™ rope. The small size winder will hold roughly 6 feet to 12 feet of cord, depending on diameter. The medium size winder will hold roughly 12 feet to 20 feet of cord, depending on diameter."


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team. View a video of these on Dutchware's YouTube channel.


I have modified a large winder to hold my Ridgeline; 15m of Zing-it! with Dutch Hook, Mini loops and a Wasp.

Cord Winders

  • Diameter: S: 1 3/4 inches M: 2.25 inches L: 3.5 inches


    Core size: S: 3/8 inch M: 3/4 inch L: 3/4 inch


    Weight: S: 3.3 grams M: 7 grams L: 19 grams


    Works best with: 1.75mm and 2.2mm Zing-It! and Lash-It!™

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