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Patented and design protected DELTA GROUND ANCHORS are an innovative tent peg and effective method of securing your tarp or tent. Manufactured in a super tough nylon composite material. 


Delta Ground Anchors have many distinct advantages over conventional tent pegs, including;

• The unique shape and attachment point directs guy tension more profound into the ground where the soil is firmer, giving you an incredibly secure hold.
• Their surface area dramatically increases resistance to guy tension.
• The angled profile creates a balanced hold on the ground, minimises leverage and eliminates the anchor's ability to "cut" through the soil like thin wire and screw pegs.
• Their cross-section is rigid and ensures easy insertion and removal.

Delta® Ground Anchors

  • Weighing only 49g and tested to 70Kg * ( * Tested in various soils, this figure relates to dry ground. )

    Produced in the U.K. and made from super-toughened nylon composite.

    Dimensions ( Approximately)  160mm x 160mm x 24mm.

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