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"The Diamondback uses our unique Constriction-Point Baffle pattern that uses a series of constrictions in the baffle pattern to isolate both halves of the quilt. The baffle wall height remains the same, but the width of each baffle abruptly merges to a constriction point, effectively breaking a single 6-foot long baffle into two 3-foot baffles, resulting in one of the shortest effective baffle lengths in the industry.


A shorter baffle means the down has less room to shift so it will take you less time to fluff and even out the down before each use. The down in the upper part of the quilt stays in the upper part and vice versa. Down can be manually forced through the constrictions but it will not pass through on it’s own, this means the distribution of down between the lower vs. upper chambers can be manipulated by the customer if desired."


The above wording is straight from Brandon, and his team at Warbonnet Outdoors. These are their stock versions. Comes with;


850 Fill type, Original Cut, Regular length, Width 55"

Temperature ratings; 20˚F (-6˚C)

Dark Foliage Green 15D outer 

Autumn Orange 15D inner and draft collar

Sewn Round Footbox

Adjustable side elastics

Draft collar

Pad loops and pad loop attachment kit

Stuff sack and storage bag included

Diamondback TopQuilt (Sewn Footbox)

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