The reflective Guy Line has a 1.5mm cord that has a reflective trace running through the line partnered with a glow-in-the-dark Mini Line-Lok®. These are very easy to use, even with thick gloves on. The bright toxic green cord stands out against countryside colours during daylight. During nightfall, the reflective strip and the glow-in-the-dark Mini Line-Lok® helps you to see them, so you do not trip over or lose them. 


The stealthy version uses a 1.5mm Olive Drab coloured cord with black Mini Line-Lok® fitted.


The line starts 2 metres long, only shortened slightly after tying the knots. iI you need a different length, send us a message, and we will sort it out for you. These have several set-up options. See set up methods in the advert pictures. Sold in fours and sixes.

Guy Lines - Entry-level