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A hammock sleeve is an accessory designed to protect and store your hammock system, which includes a hammock and quilts. It is a convenient solution for keeping your hammock and quilts clean and tangle-free while making it easier to carry, store and deploy.


This Onewind 11' Hammock Sleeve offers the perfect solution to keep your hammock and quilts clean, tangle-free, and protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and other environmental elements. Whether relaxing in your backyard, embarking on a camping trip, or exploring the great outdoors, this sleeve provides an extra layer of defence, extending the lifespan of your hammock and maintaining its exceptional quality.



Hammock Snake Skin (Hammock Sleeve) 11'

  • Sizes

    11' M: 1.6m*30cm* 2pcs/ 63"*11.8"* 2pcs, 120g
    11' L: 1.6m*40cm* 2pcs/ 63"*15.7"* 2pcs, 145g

    Suggested use for:
    11' M: 1, 11' Hammock + Underquilt combo
    11' L: 11' Hammock + Topquilt + Underquilt Combo

    Fabric: 1.1 Silnylon Ripstop (20D nylon ripstop with Silicone and PU 2000mm coating)

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