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When temperatures drop and the wind starts howling, you’ll need to have a serious insulating layer to throw on your hammock, as there's no better feeling than relaxing in a cosy and warm bed.


Light and compact, the Onewind Windsock is a real game-changer for winter adventures, as it helps provide an extra layer of warmth on the coldest nights. It's made from 1.1 oz ripstop nylon and weighs 12oz. It also features built-in mesh air vents that double as windows to keep the airflow going inside so you can stay warm while winter camping and get the rest you need to charge hard on the next day’s mission.

Hammock Winter Windsock

  • Weighing only 9.5oz, this windsock can easily be packed and lugged inside your backpack. It measures 122"x43" so it can easily protect your single or double hammock for up to 12' camping hammock.

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