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"In the realm of hammock camping and serious hiking, the pursuit of a lightweight and efficient suspension system is unending. It’s a quest for simplicity, flexibility, and a balance between durability and ease of use. Enter our ultralight and hardware-free suspension system, a game-changer challenging traditional methods with a fresh approach, relying on soft shackles, whoopie slings, and clever knots.


The Diamond Knot Soft Shackle - Key to this system is the diamond knot soft shackle, replacing the Dutch Clip on the Spider Web Huggers. Made from high-strength, lightweight materials, soft shackles are easy to attach and detach while providing excellent load-bearing capabilities.

The Small Nose Loop/Diamond Knot Whoopie Sling Combo - Replacing traditional buckles, this combo provides a simple yet effective way to adjust the length of your suspension system without any metal hardware. The diamond knot whoopie sling is arguably the shortest and most versatile on the market, offering adaptability to your exact requirements.

The Diamond Loop/8″ Noose Loop - These loops, replacing the whoopie hook and standard loops on your hammock, are exceptionally strong, providing secure anchor points for your hammock or gear.

Hardware Compatibility - While marketed as ultralight and hardware-free, the diamond knot whoopie sling and noose loops are adaptable to hardware if desired. This flexibility caters to those who prefer a fully hardware-free setup or want the option to incorporate metal components based on camping/weather situations.


Whether you’re a minimalist backpacker or a dedicated hammock enthusiast, this system is the key to reducing weight, streamlining your setup, and enhancing your outdoor experience. It’s an exciting evolution that allows you to pack lighter, hike farther, and enjoy nature to the fullest. Upgrade your hammocking experience with DutchWare’s innovative Hardware-Free Suspension System!"


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team.


This is 1" Spider Web 1.5 - Hardware Free Suspension with Black 7/64D AmSteel-Blue.


Hardware Free Suspension

  • Weight:

    Spider Web 1.5 - 75 grams

    Spider/Poly - 110 grams


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