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MADE IN THE UK by Marlow Ropes.


KITELINEFreestyle utilises Dyneema Sk78 and is available in 1.8mm diameter. It has a 455kg break load (over 1000Ibs) for improved safety and longevity.


KITELINEFreestyle is a twelve strand, 1.8mm, hollow braid cord made from SK78 Dyneema fibres. With a protective coating that aids against abrasion and increases longevity. We are stocking the colour, Black.


Easy to spice and ideal for heavy-duty ridgelines. However, with a break load measuring over 455kg, it is useful for many other projects.


Multiples are sent as one length unless you specify differently. Price per 5 metres. Please note that once cut and off the reel, hollow braid cordage can retract and become slightly shorter during transit.

Kiteline Freestyle (1.8mm - 5m)

  • KITELINEFreestyle utilises Dyneema Sk78 and is available in 1.8mm diameter. It has a 455kg break load for improved safety and longevity.


    Applications: Kitelines


    Material: KITELINEFreestyle Dyneema SK78

    • HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene)

    • Very light-weight - more than 8 x lighter than steel wire for a given strength

    • High strength - 80% stronger than steel wire for a given weight

    • Low stretch - see table below

    • Good resistance to chemicals and UV

    • Zero water shrinkage


    Construction: KITELINEFreestyle (1.8mm) 12 strand braided construction

    • Improved abrasion

    • Optimised pitch to yarn twist - improves strength & longevity

    • Firmer rounder rope, aids handling

    • Easy to splice

    • Flexible product and easily handled

    • Torque balanced


    Physical Properties:

    • Relative Density - 0.97 exact figure varies with diameter

    • Chemical Resistance - Excellent resistance to most chemicals (additional information available from Marlow Ropes)

    • UV Resistance - Good

    • Melting Point - 140˚C

    • Critical temperature - 80˚C (exposure to temperatures over this will result in permanent strength loss)

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