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"While camping, you can easily store your tarp in the tarp sleeve. The mesh design ensures ample breathability, effectively preventing moisture and restoring the fabric to a dry condition for subsequent use. End PocketsThe sleeve's end pockets conveniently store ropes and the necessary hardware for supporting the tarp. Secure Tarp Enclosure Use a shock cord to ensure the tarp sleeve stays securely in place.


The Onewind Mesh Tarp Sleeve is an excellent choice for camping, permanently attachable to the tarp's ridgeline. It allows for easy sliding and rolling up of the tarp, including attached guy lines. Its key feature is its exceptional breathability, offering a moisture-preventing storage solution for the tarp, in stark contrast to the waterproof Nylon Ripstop material of the Snake Skin version."


The above wording is from Onewind, more information is on their website.

Mesh Tarp Sleeve

  • Size: 12' (long) x 5.9" (wide)
    Size When Packed: 3.1 in (diameter)
    Weight (Including Everything): 48g/1.7oz

    Material: Polyester

    Accessories List
    Drawstring Stuff Sack
    12' Tarp Sleeve

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