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This mini continuous loop is made using Zing-It!™ (or Lash-it!™). It comes in two sizes, measuring approximately 11cm or 17cm.


If fitting these using a friction knot like the prusik knot, use the thin end of the loop for the wraps. Keep the thicker part of the loop facing out. Five/six turns and tighten down the prusik.  These are great for guylines, hanging items from your hammock structural ridgeline, or attaching your tarp to your ridgeline via Dutch Hooks (which we also sell made up).


Weighing in at half, or an eighth of a gram each. Yellow is the standard colour; write any other required colours in the 'Custom Colour' text box after choosing 'Custom colour' from the drop-down menu.


If you need a different length, 2.2mm diameter, or something else, please message to discuss; happy to help.

Mini Continuous Loop (single)

Colour of Zing-it!
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