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Robust, simple pieces of hardware that are designed in the USA for your ridgeline, to hold your Tarp in place. However, outdoor people are finding they have plenty of other uses. Awe-inspiring gripping power on Zing/Lash-it! and small diameter cord. Our scales have them at 6.9g for a pair.

The wording below is straight from Scott at NAMA Gear:

"NAMA Claws, the newest hardware accessory for your tarp, are destined to become your favorite. They replace any hardware or knots that you currently use, and do so in style. They can be used anywhere in your tarp ridgeline or as a tensioner for your stake tie-out lines. NAMA Claws are designed for use with 1.75mm dyneema line, but will work well with line diameters ranging from 1.2mm up to 1.8mm. 




Material - Stainless Steel
Weight - 3.5 grams
Overall length - 0.93"
Overall width - 0.313"

NAMA Claws (pair)

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