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"The peak shelf attaches at in the peak of your hammock, 2 D-rings, and your ridgeline to create a nice deep shelf/pocket to store things like jackets and other large gear. This peak shelf can be used for the Chameleon or the Half-Zipped hammock."


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team. 


NB This Chameleon accessory only works with the Dutchware Gear Chameleon Hammocks and not other makes/models.

Peak Shelf for Chameleon

    • 1 Large Adjustable Shelf/Pouch; Attaches to ridgeline and peak
    • Weight: 27 Grams
    • Dimensions: 34″ (Peak to Ridgeline) x 31″ (Tieout to Tieout)
    • Weight: 29.48 grams
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