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The Peak storage hammock is the alternative to storage for your accessories, outdoor essentials, foods, gloves, balaclava, mittens, camp jacket, book, personal protection item, or whatever you need to store within easy reach. 


Attach both ends of the mini hammock with a paracord line, two prusiks knotted hooks are used to securely attach to your ridgeline and give adjustment points along the ridgeline, you can feel free to use it.


Great for storing your items in the peak of your hammock. Just relax indoors or outdoor all day.


Please note the above wording is lifted from Onewind's website.

Peak Storage Hammock

    • Lightweight: 1.1 oz nylon ripstop
    • Sizes: 27.6"*19.7"
    • Colours Available: OD Green
    • Extra two drop ropes are included as prusik-knots.
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