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We take two metres of 1.75mm Zing-It!™, add a 3cm fixed eye loop on one end to attach to your Tarp, and finish with a back splice on the free end. We prusik on a Mini Zing-It!™ Loop giving you a method to connect to your ground anchor/peg/stake. Pull the free end to add tension to the guyline.


These weigh under 4 grams each. Yellow is the standard colour; write any other required colour(s) in the 'Custom colour(s)' text box after choosing 'Custom colour' from the drop-down menu.


If you need a different length, 2.2mm diameter or something else, please message to discuss; happy to help.


We include an optional loop of shockcord. You can tie onto your tarps' tie-out before connecting the guyline to act as a self tensioner.

Premium Zing-It!™ Guyline (Single)

  • 1/16" - 1.75mm diameter has an average strength of 500lbs or 230kgs

    3/32" - 2.2mm diameter has an average strength of 650lbs or 290kgs

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