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Our Premium Tree Straps and Huggers satisfies the Hammock users everyday needs. We sew these at Henge Hammocks using the new webbing that has been produced exclusively for us.


This tightly woven black webbing has negligible stretch and has an average of 850kgs of force required before failure (pretty impressive considering AmSteel®-Blue used in the construction of Whoopie slings is 730kg.


They are 25mm wide, and 0.9mm thick and work with all the hardware we sell. As the webbing is flexible, the Marlinspike hitch can be easily tied.


The Tree Straps are the stated length, if not slightly over. We then add more loops to make our Tree Huggers which shorten the length by approximately 15cm. All sewn with extra strong rot-proof thread for extra security and of course sewn here at Henge Hammocks.

Premium Tree Straps & Huggers (pair)

Colour: Black
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