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Warbonnet's Quilt Stuffsacs in 6L, 8.75L and 11.75L versions. Random colours sent from either; Gold, Black, Fern Green


From Brandon at Warbonnet Outdoors:


~6″x14″. Slightly heavier fabric suited for stuffing quilts. we use these for the winter yeti, Wooki and Diamondback quilts. 17g. (6L) 


~7″x16″. Constructed out of 15D ripstop nylon. We use these for the Wooki, Lynx and Diamondback quilts 20g. (8.75L)


~7.5×18″. Slightly heavier fabric better suited for stuffing quilts. We use these for the winter XL mamba. 24g. (11.75L)

Quilt Stuffsac 6/8.75/11.75 litre

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