"We have designed the .582 spreader bar to be a total length of 32” which is what we have found to be a great length to use when you are hanging two hammocks side by side. They are compatible with our Beetle Buckle or Double Hammock Whoopie Hook suspension systems. They could also be used for the foot end of a Bridge Hammock. We have a 17” female pole and a 15” male pole and they will both come with a tip. The maximum weight limit will be 350lbs. When taken apart we have designed the poles to be equal in length for convenience when storing.


*When purchased you will receive one female and one male pole with tips*



Weight: 114.5 grams (both poles)

Length: 17” female – 15” male"


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team. 

.582 Spreader Bar Poles