"This is a 1 inch UHMWPE and polypropylene mixed webbing which is what gives it the cool look. We’ve designed this webbing to be a lighter weight (5.5 grams per foot) alternative to regular polyester webbing but still work with buckles, unlike kevlar webbing. This is a great middle-ground when it comes to webbings. The key features of this webbing are that it weighs less than polyester webbing, has very low stretch and it works perfectly with cinch buckles, spiders, Dutch buckles, etc.


*Sold in pairs*"


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team.


These Straps are perfectly partnered with Dutch Beetle Buckles but can also be used for the Marlin Spike Hitch,  the Dutch Buckle and Cinch Buckles. 


Want a length not listed? Message us, happy to help. 

Spider-Poly Straps (pair)

  • Rated by the manufacturer up to 1500lb breaking strength.

    Weighs 5.5 grams per foot