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"Spindrift Hammock Sock (newly updated version)


The Spindrift is a hammock sock specifically designed for our Ridgerunner series of hammocks. It’s essentially a large sack of breathable fabric that the hammock hangs inside of. It’s used mainly in cool to cold weather to fully block the wind, and to increase inside temperatures by up to 10 deg.


It is a water and wind resistant, breathable microclimate for your hammock. Although not a full substitute for a tarp, it does provide full protection on it’s own from light rain and snow. It provides enough weather protection to allow the user to use a summer tarp in winter and still be fully protected (the MiniFly for instance)"


The above wording is straight from Brandon, and his team at Warbonnet Outdoors. 


Comes with a Stuff Sack.


View the full product details on the Warbonnet Outdoor website.

Spindrift Sock

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