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These are the tools we use daily for all our Dyneema splicing. Just add a pair of scissors or a sharp knife (the keyword is SHARP!) and a ruler for measuring, and you are set for all types of splicing, but especially Dyneema braid. You can buy the complete sets here or buy separate tools elsewhere on the website.


Details of specific tools can be found in the separate product adverts:


Standard Long Pull Fid

Heavy Duty Long Pull Fid

Lite Pull Fid

Bodkin Needles

Paracord Needle

Hook Turning Loop

2mm Knitting Needle

Splicing Awl


The One Fid Set comes with a Standard Long Pull Fid.

The Two Fid Set comes with a Standard Long Pull Fid and a Lite Pull Fid.

The Three Fid Set comes with all three Long Pull Fids.


Splicing Tool Sets

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