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These are sold as sixes.


"The Squeeze Hook is just like our Darth Vador springless cordlock but there is a hook added on. These are great to add to your ridgeline for hanging accessories and use for adjustable attachment points on other gear. This hardware works with up to 1/8 inch Amsteel rope and 1/8 inch Shock Cord."


The above-quoted wording is straight from Dutchware's team.


The Regular Squeeze Hook works with our AmSteel-Blue, whilst the Mini Squeeze Hook works with, and including; 2.2mm Zing/Lash-it! and 3mm Shockcord.


Squeeze Hook (two sizes)

  • Material: Acetal (also known as Polyoxymethylene (POM) 

    Size Length Width Height
    Standard 27.7 33.3 11.7
    Mini 22.01 23.61 9


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