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"The Tarp Connection System aids in connecting your tarp to a ridgeline. This works above or below the ridgeline and make for easy attaching and adjusting the position of your tarp anywhere on the ridgeline within seconds. Our connector eliminates the fussy prusik knots. Works with most all tarps on the market.


Hook is made from Anodized Aluminum. Toggle is tough Delrin Plastic. Sold in Pairs (2pcs)


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team.


Use these revolutionary ridgeline tarp connectors in place of prusik knots to connect any lightweight backpacking or camping tarp to a ridgeline. Slide these onto your ridgeline, attach you ridgeline between your favourite trees, connect your tarp and wrap line around the hook to lock in place. It’s that easy. To adjust the location of your tarp unlock, slide and re-lock. Hooks are anodised aluminium and toggles are tough Delrin plastic with a double length of shock cord between to protect the loads on your tarp. Be sure to leave a small amount of slack when hanging your ridgeline to allow an easy wrap.

Tarp Connectors (pair)

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