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"Upgrade your camping setup with DutchWare’s Tarp Door Anchor, a versatile accessory designed to keep your tarp doors secure, no matter the conditions. Crafted from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, these door anchors are small in size but mighty in functionality."


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team.


  • Line Lock 3 Door Anchor: Featuring an adjustable line lock, It offers a hassle-free solution for keeping your doors snug and secure.
  • Ringworm Door Anchor: This anchor is a game-changer for tarp tensioning. You can easily tighten or release it as needed. Hardware only.
  •  Or, buy our Zing/Lash-It!™ Guylines separately, which we will splice into your purchased Ringworm Door Anchor(s).
  • Each Anchors comes with two 3.2mm Shockcord Loops.


Tarp Door Anchors

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